Beatriz Castillo Huanca

Hello My name is Beatriz Castillo Huanca and I am 38 years old. I am lucky to be blessed with a surgery for hip dysplasia that I will receive for free through Operation Walk. This will change my life of pain, frustration, ailment and limitations so I can live a normal life with my children, family, friends and other people. The visit of the specialists was full of kindness, affection, patience and gentleness and together with Doctor Manuel Avila they reached out a helping hand and made us believe, feel and realize that gentle and selfless and good hearted humanity exist to help those in need. May God bless you and give you life so that you can continue doing this! Beatriz Castillo Huanca

Lorena Alvarado

To Team Operation Walk 2016 My name is Lorena Alvarado and I am 27. I am married to a wonderful husband and have two children, a daughter of 7 years and a son that turned 2 on the day of my operation. The life I had before was very complicated since I was not able to enjoy my family. I could not play with them for the pain was just too strong. I would walk a little and then just had to stop. I felt so bad when I walked with my husband and limped at his side that I didn’t want to go out a lot because I was embarrassed. But the worst thing that happened to me was that my children were born with the same problem, they were born with hip dysplasia. I felt horrible but one day, like a wonder from God, Doctor Carlos Bernal came to the rescue and with the help of orthopedic diapers the disease was cured. But he also told me that the most important thing to completely change my life would be to get in touch with Dr. Manuel Avila who operated with a wonderful team. I couldn’t believe it, but...
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Mélida Cárdenas

Dear Team Operation Walk, By means of this letter I would like to express my eternal gratitude for the work that you do. I might not be able to repay you with all the money in the world but you will receive the blessings of God eternally. Thanks to this I will no longer be discriminated against, like I was since childhood where they would call us things that made us feel really bad. But this operation will allow me to revive my dreams! You are Heaven sent, the people that donate the money as well as those that come and operate. This is such a humble and selfless act, just like our Lord Jesus Christ, it is so noble of you that it would be wonderful if you could continue to fulfill more dreams. You have no idea how much good you are doing us by allowing us to live without complications or limitations and be normal people. I thank you so much! You are such wonderful people, with such a big hearts and with that you are saving so many lives, problems of self-esteem, and above all dreams. We now have all the tools we need and we...
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Yahaira Celi

Hello – My name is Yahaira Celi, I am from Ecuador and 20 years old. My story began like this: I have congenital hip dysplasia. Until the age of 10 I wasn’t bothered by it but with growing age I started to feel complications like pain in the hip that got worse over time, fatigue and often loss of mobility in my left leg. I couldn’t do many everyday activities like stand, walk or run for longer periods of time. Since I was very young my mother had been trying to find a solution for my problem, we saw different doctors in our country, but all intentions failed because they told us that the operation was so complicated that nobody in our country was able to do it. Furthermore the cost would be approximately $45,000 and that was out of our financial reach. We also contacted several foundations but there are very few that benefit this cause. And so time went by without any resolve, until a few months ago I heard family members talk about Dr. Avila and the team of foreign doctors that comes to our country to do exactly the kind of surgery that in need and...
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