Operation Walk Canada

The Glue

Every organization needs leaders that hold the team together. We have these leaders who are outstanding, dedicated and compassionate people.

Anna & Steve

Anna is the real boss here, she facilitates every aspect of the mission. Steve, is the medical director and decides on all of the patients we do and the equipment needed to accomplish the task!

Tracy & Anna

Tracy is Anna’s sidekick. Tracy runs all of the OR’s, any problems that happen, she solves them. And we do have problems from time to time, but Tracy has always found an answer
The 3 of them make a terrific team, Operation Walk is so grateful for all that they do.

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  1. Christine

    Anna is my sister and I’m so proud of her and the good works that she does for Operation Walk. She is a real trooper – dedicated and brave. Well done Anna and the entire team! God bless.

    1. Donna Bourne

      Yes, she is a trooper! I have had the pleasure of
      Knowing Anna for such a long time. We have collaborated on numerous things and she is so thorough, competent and does it all with a lovely smile!

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