Operation Walk Canada

On The Road to Recovery and New Opportunity

“We wait for you (Operation Walk team) and always need you. You are all angels of Jesus who love to give our life back.” Manuel (62yo)

As our operations wrap up, patients are steadily on the mend and their roads to recovery. As noted by one of our surgeons, as a team, we are all equal and all here to fulfill the objectives of our mission. The smiles on patients faces, hugs given and words of thanks are reminders of why we are here.

Today, as we complete a total of 67 patient operations,15 additional patients make their journeys home. Tomorrow will see the last of our patients complete their physiotherapy, making their way to the new opportunities restricted by their conditions.

We will continue sharing the stories and impacts our team has made. Please continue to follow our updates.


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  1. Jane Peckham

    What a wonderful mission and so very rewarding for everyone! Wonderful to give of your expertise and time to make the patients lives better!

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