Operation Walk Canada

Love Conquers All

Meet Mayra (60 yo) and Julio (73 yo) from a town called Santa Rosa, a traveling distance of four hours to Hermano Pedro hospital.

Their story is of true love. Both have undergone left knee surgeries on the same day and have been inseparable throughout their lives and struggles. Both have had to endure the constant pain and inability to be active as they once were.

Mayra has diabetes, and her health has deteriorated over time. She has been on a surgery waiting list for the past three years. Once a very active worker, Julio has suffered from heart failure.

Confined to their son’s home for the past five years, they express the emotions of being a burden to their son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. Their immobilities restrict their capabilities to be involved in the day-to-day activities they once enjoyed. A homemaker, Maya previously volunteered in her community and church. Julio, the family’s provider, was a Blacksmith and ironworker and was also very active in their community.

Separated during the surgical procedures, and once complete, Julio immediately sought for his wife in the recovery room. Emotional with tears, he was so happy to be with his love. Initially placed on opposite sides of the room, Julio continuously called out to Mayra and was elated once she was able to take her first steps to him.

Excited for the opportunity to return to work, with tears and emotion, Julio expressed, “With all your goodwill and mercy, we can have another chance to be more productive and independent. The actions you (Operation Walk team) plant, will harvest bountifully.”

Mayra proclaimed “God protect your hands and every project in your life, god bless these actions. Thank you to all people in this mission, for we are poor people and many can never afford such surgeries.”

Pictured with the loving couple is their daughter, Blanca.

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