Operation Walk Canada

Bella Wendy

While on our mission this year, we had a visit from a beautiful 21-year-old named Wendy who traveled over 5 hours, from a town called Progreso, seeking assistance from our team.

Wendy, bullied and excluded for most of her life was born with a congenital or developmental disorder and is interpreted by others as ‘not being loved by God’ or as a ‘bad person.’ She currently works long hours as a cleaner in a beauty salon, where staff helps her learn the trade. She expressed much pain when completing her day-to-day duties.

After an initial assessment and referral for an x-ray, in the interim, Wendy was provided a shoe lift by our Pedorthist Jeff Walker (London, ON). With such a discrepancy in leg lengths, she was sad seeing the size of the shoe lift with feelings that it looks monstrous. With much hope, Wendy left with hopes that the team could operate to correct her problems. She has wished for an operation since she was a young child to repair her condition.

Later that day, Dr. Rod Davey (Toronto, ON) reviewed the x-ray and determined her hips were unaffected and that an extensive leg-lengthening procedure would be required. Both her right femur and tibia were shorter than the left. Something that was unfortunately not possible by the Operation Walk team at this time in the current environment for which the mission performs.

The team gathered to purchase shoes for Wendy and have additional shoe lifts installed. With praise and understanding of the medical requirements, Wendy traveled to the hospital a couple of days later to accept the shoes.

Wendy hopes that one day she can complete the necessary surgery, have the abilities to walk straight and be safe, and escape the bullying she has had to endure.




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