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A Thankful Patient

In her own words Ana Maria Paguay tells her story:

I want to thank you for having given me the opportunity to walk again. Before surgery I was in pain every day and because of my right leg, I couldn’t walk or dress myself. I am 47 year old single mom and have 2 sons, 23 & 18. I live in a village called Javier Loyola and work as a housekeeper. I didn’t have the money to pay for this surgery but today my dreams of being able to walk came true thanks to the Operation Walk team.

My mother died giving birth to me and my hip problems are due to my father abusing me since early childhood. I am a poor woman living in a simple house with no money for medications. When things get difficult, my sons try and help as much as possible, but that doesn’t help my pain. Today I can say I am happy, I can walk thanks to the donors and volunteers with good hearts. I thank you and please continue to make many more people happy.

One of the thankful patients

One of the thankful patients

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  1. Leslye

    Mi nombre es Leslye Guerrero fui operada el 9 de abril del 2017 desde entonces mi vida a cambiado, para mí aún es un sueño que pensé nunca verlo hecho realidad es más creo que sigo soñando el verme reflejada en el espejo y caminar normal como el resto de las personas aún no lo creo.
    Gracias a Operation Walk que son unos angeles enviados por Dios ha pasado 5 meses y estoy caminando y haciendo cosas que no podía y el dolor desapareció nunca dejare de agradecerles por todo lo que hacen Dios los bendiga.

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