Operation Walk Canada

A Team Effort

It has been a busy time packing up and getting home, so there was limited time to send a message. Normally, I report on different aspects of the work that is done by these talented and compassionate volunteers. It is a full team effort to bring care to those in need. Every job is critical. To highlight: Anne and Tanya in pre op, Malcolm and Terry as porters, the surgical team of 6 surgeons and 5 surgical nurses( Jamie, Jim, Steve, Erin, Peter, Bob, Goldie, Flory, Cris, Alex, Albert). The anesthesiologist, Miguel, Bethany and Paul. The Post op staff of Pat, Susan, and Marybeth. On the ward, nurses,TerryLyne, Courtney, Marj. The physios, Ginny and Ravi. The translators: Diana, Sammy, Laurie & Tanya. The shoe guy Jeff! The Smith and Nephew reps who keep track of the implants: Joe & Steve. Last but not the least, the sterile processing ( they clean the instruments)stars: Patti, Liliana, Karen, Pam, Anne, Laurie, Penny. Our contact in Ecuador, Dr. Manuel Avila, who cares for all of our patients. We are all grateful to the donors who support us.

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