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Operation Walk is a not-for-profit volunteer medical services organization that provides free hip and knee replacement surgery to patients in developing countries. These patients suffer from debilitating bone and joint disease, the most common of which is osteoarthritis, and have no access to medical care.

Mission trips typically last one week and are organized and managed so that as many patients as possible can undergo surgery and begin their rehabilitation and recovery. read more

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My name is Beatriz Castillo Huanca and I am 38 years old. I am lucky to be blessed with a surgery for hip dysplasia that I will receive for free through Operation Walk. This will change my life of pain, frustration, ailment and limitations so I can live a normal life with my children, family, friends and other people.

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Beatriz Castillo Huanca

My name is Lorena Alvarado and I am 27. I am married to a wonderful husband and have two children, a daughter of 7 years and a son that turned 2 on the day of my operation.

The life I had before was very complicated since I was not able to enjoy my family. I could not play with them for the pain was just too strong.

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Lorena Alvarado

By means of this letter I would like to express my eternal gratitude for the work that you do.

I might not be able to repay you with all the money in the world but you will receive the blessings of God eternally. Thanks to this I will no longer be discriminated against, like I was since childhood where they would call us things that made us feel really bad. But this operation will allow me to revive my dreams!

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Mélida Cárdenas

My story began like this: I have congenital hip dysplasia. Until the age of 10 I wasn’t bothered by it but with growing age I started to feel complications like pain in the hip that got worse over time, fatigue and often loss of mobility in my left leg. I couldn’t do many everyday activities like stand, walk or run for longer periods of time.

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Yahaira Celi

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