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Operation Walk Canada Inc. is a not-for-profit, volunteer medical service organization. Our purpose is to provide total joint replacement surgery to patients who live in developing countries and who due to social, political and economic factors have little or no access to care for their debilitating bone and joint diseases, the most common of which is osteoarthritis.

Total joint replacement is one of the most successful, cost-effective surgical interventions performed, with a good to excellent prognosis in 95% of cases. Relief from pain and restored mobility are especially reliable and dramatic outcomes.In first world countries, total hip and knee joint arthroplasty (TJA) is the standard of care for arthritis. In Canada, with a population of 33M, approximately 60,000 of theses surgeries are performed annually.

But in countries such as Guatemala for example, which has a population of 13M, fewer than 200 are carried out each year. Because access to care is so limited, arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases we see on Operation Walk trips are very advanced. Consequently, associated pain, disabilities and even deformities are more pronounced than what we see at home. The vast majority of these patients are longer able to earn a living and provide or care for their families.

Operation Walk Canada combines a volunteer team of health care and allied health care professionals, donated surgical implants and financial contributions to deliver these life-improving surgeries. Mission trips typically last one week and are organized and managed so that as many patients as possible can undergo surgery and begin their rehabilitation and recovery. During this week, the medical care of patients is the joint responsibility of in-country physicians, physiotherapists and registered nurses and their Operation Walk counterparts. In this way knowledge is shared and ongoing patient care, once the team has returned home, is assured.

The work of Operation Walk Canada relies entirely on the generosity of private and corporate donors.

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Life Changing Medical Missions

In November 2013 the life of 41 year old Maritza Corado was profoundly changed. Maritza loves her job as a school teacher, but a severe condition in her hips, deteriorating for the last 10 years, left her unable to walk without severe pain, through the mountainous terrain of Guatemala to get to the school. So, for the last few years she has been unable to leave her house to make a living for her family. But, in November, she said that angels came to help her… the team from Operation Walk. They gave her hip replacements, paid for by another larger group of angels – the donors and supporters.

Now, after a decade in pain, Maritza is looking forward to something she never thought was going to be possible … going back to teaching, and thriving … and providing a future for her family … thanks to Operation Walk and the ongoing support of its donors. One person treated but countless others affected.